Hello Ranchero Village Residents

Thank you for allowing me to be your Village President for the next two years. I am excited about learning more about the workings of the park and the meeting of you Residents. I have lived here only a year and a half, so I still have a lot to learn. I am a full time resident and am still trying to get used to the climate. Moving here from Southwestern Missouri. I still miss my seasons and have to stop and think what month I am in and what the season should be. I am hoping you will help me with my journey of President, remembering I am still new. As most of you know, last year I was Secretary and that in itself was a learning position. I learned about the committees and all the activities that go on in the park. I also learned that volunteering is the name of the game to keep everything running smoothly and you all as members of the Park are the answer. I feel that in the past we have relied on so many of the same residents, I am hoping some of you new residents will want to get involved as I have. Pick out a committee that interests you, talk to people in that group; I am sure you will find somewhere to fit in. Don’t feel you are limited to only what you are seeing in the Vista or on bulletin boards. If you have an idea, the Board is always willing to listen to you. You only need to call us, let us know you want to discuss something and we will schedule a time. We are planning on making this a year round park, having happenings all summer. Just because the Winter Texans leave, we still have a large group here and there is still a need to get together and have fun. Nathan has graciously given us his time during the summer to be the Park Big Daddy DJ and bring us all together for dancing, snacks, and fun. There is still pot luck and an occasional dinner.

When the Winter Texans return, the beat does change, but so does the weather and with the cooler temps, there is more going on. Stay tuned, there will be so much going, you will not know what to do first. Well, that is the way I feel anyway.

To close my ramblings, I just want to let you all know I am excited about the next two years and the Board also has stated they are excited about what we can do to make the Park the best in the RGV. As I stated earlier in my ramblings, the success to all we do here in the park is YOU, and your stepping up, volunteering and your ideas of what you think would be a fun project for the Park.

Hold on to your hats, the fun is just beginning.

Nancy Hudson, President

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